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How do modular homes differ from houses built on-site?

Unlike a home built piece by piece on a building site (a stick built home, or site built home), modular homes are built indoors on an assembly-line by dozens of skilled trades who each specialize in their specific job.  Modular homes are built in sections (or modules) and delivered to the home site where the modules are fitted together and roofing, siding, drywall and flooring are installed across the areas where modules meet. Because modular homes are built indoors, construction can begin anytime, in any weather, meaning no weather delays.  And as a result, modular homes can usually be completed more quickly than a site built home. Modular homes and stick built homes are required to meet the same building codes. Yet, most modular companies also conform to CSA construction guidelines so customers benefit from whichever requirement is more stringent. And by building in a factory, the ground work (lot clearing, foundation excavation/pouring, etc) can begin at the same time that construction of your home is taking place - another time saver.

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Are modular home prices more or less expensive than those built on site?

Modular & stick built homes are very similar in cost when comparing like materials and finish levels. Most modular home builders can provide a guaranteed price because all product/finish choices are made before construction begins. Stick built homes are typically priced as an estimate (cost per square foot) with allowances for things like kitchen cabinets, flooring, bathrooms and lighting because these items are often chosen after construction begins. This means that if the home owners choose a more expensive finish than the builder included in the allowance, the home owners have to cover the extra costs. This is why many stick built construction projects come in 10-15% or more over budget. On a $200,000 home, that’s an extra $20-30,000 that home owners have to come up with at the end of the project.

What does your price include?

In general, the price includes the house, delivery, set-up, site finish, and HST. Each product in your home will be itemized in your quote with an all-inclusive factory pricing.  For example, the cost of a tub will include the actual tub, fittings, controls, plumbing labour, and even a shower curtain rod.

How long will it take to get my home?

From the date of issue to the date of delivery, it varies based on materials lead-time and seasonality.  Once delivered, the site finish will depend on the size of the home and complexity of site work requested.  Your authorized independent retailer will be able to estimate the time required for site work and will schedule the all-exciting day of closing.

Can I make some modifications to a floor plan? Customize?

Absolutely! Your home should reflect your taste and lifestyle. Our Custom Home Consultants can help customize a design to match your vision and budget.

Can I put it on a slab?

No, not a modular home. We need to be able to crane each module into place.  The floor structure is crucial in this process. Setting floor joists on a slab would be an invitation for moisture problems.  Also, because each unit is built complete with plumbing, electrical, flooring, etc., there would be no access for the assembly of your home. We can, however, place your home on a 4” frost wall, aka crawl space if you would like to avoid having a basement. Mini homes or single section homes (and occasionally bungalows) are typically set on concrete blocking or piers above a gravel or concrete pad.

How much does it cost to heat a Prestige home?

Well, a heating bill will truly depend on how one lives in their house; how many members are in the household; what temperature is comfortable for you; etc.  Regardless of this, the modular building process, which involves building from the inside-out, allows for better sealing of exterior walls which creates a tighter building envelope and therefore better energy efficient homes. This makes our homes super-efficient, often qualifying for home energy rebates.

Can I put a basement under my mini home?

Sure can! Mini homes are typically set on concrete blocking or piers above a gravel or concrete pad. To place one on a foundation, the location of the stair access needs to be considered when looking at plans and the addition of windows/doors.

Can I do some of the work myself?

Maximizing each phase of the factory process is key to getting all the added value offered in a Prestige home. Reduced site work means reduced time lines and costs due to site work.  That being said, it is important for many home owners to be hands on. Decks, painting and landscaping are good projects for homeowners, providing they do not affect obtaining occupancy.

Can I buy the home directly from the plant in Sussex?

No need to – for convenience, we have authorized independent retailers throughout Atlantic Canada and Maine who sell our homes and handle all the site work that is essential to every home built from the plant. Who better to know the land covenants and site work construction costs than one of our local representatives. And back in Sussex, this allows for our skilled tradespeople to focus on the construction of each home.

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